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We are developing for almost all kinds of web portals. Come-up with your idea and lets discuss about your projects. We provide B2B and B2C portal development, tour and travel portal development, real estate portal development, job portal development, news portal development, ecommerce portal development services.

Are you looking to grow your enterprise with B2B or B2C web portal development? All companies are moving towards the web portal development to grow and maximize the benefits. If you are having multiple services for large number of users then you definitely require a web portal which can manage everything at one place with common data. Web portal is described as a website with multiple features like live chat systems, message boards, voting polls, blog community, rating systems etc. all available at one single place. Web portal can grow your client base and can improve inter-business interactions. We offer our web portal development services in Kigali, Nairobi, Rwanda also in some parts of the world. Contact Kigali Appline today to get a quote.


When it comes to B2B & B2C Website Development, this requires special expertise and knowledge. Kigali Appline is a leading B2B and B2C Portal Development company, providing compelling, innovative and attractive independent and enterprise class customised B2B and B2C website development services to organizations in Kigali, Rwanda and globally. We pay attention to you and your idea and provide you to improve B2B and B2C website development with highest quality.

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