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If you want to use digital marketing to accelerate your business expansion, social media marketing is a must. Social media websites, platforms and apps such as Facebook , LinkedIn, & Instagram have become important channels through which internet users consume content, learn more about brand stories and purchase services and products on a day-to-day basis. Other Social Media Marketing Services: Including social media reputation monitoring and management, analytics and reporting, facebook marketing consulting and social media profile audit.


  • Improve brand recognition for your company
  • Build the reputation of your company
  • Build the trust and the relationship with your customers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Spread the word about your business
  • Improve customer service and brand loyalty
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An effective social marketing campaign develops a relationship between you and your customers by engaging them directly in promoting your products or services. it is very important to build a good relationship with your customers, as well as the value of word of mouth marketing. Please see below to find out how Ordius team can help you.

  • Social media marketing campaign strategy creation: platform selection, social media setup, content strategy and management.
  • We are idea people. We will help you understand the market and present creative solutions.
  • Broad experience in multiple industries: e-commerce, travel, education, health, interior, software and more. We've done it all.
  • We provide comprehensive digital marketing service, integrating social & search marketing with top-notch content creation.
  • Social media setup: company page, social profiles etc based on your needs.
  • Suggestions on branded profiles in your targeted geo-locations.
  • Daily posts/updates.
  • Followers and fans building.
  • We highly recommend you to have a real-time communication with your audience, and our team based in India can help you.
  • Reputation monitoring.
  • Maintenance and management.
  • Tracking and statistics overview.
  • Monthly consulting.

Ordius - Social Media Marketing Services

Account Registration and Setup

The detailed tasks include social accounts registrations and verifications, based on your needs.

Social Media Campaign Strategy and Plan

The detailed tasks include media platform and channel selection, campaign content strategy and implementation, social media advertising strategy, and profile design strategy.

Social Media Content Updates

The detailed tasks include preparing content based on the content strategy and updating them on your social media profiles.

Fan base-Building

The detailed tasks include increasing the followers of your social media pages and improving follower engagement.

Customer Support

The followers may have query’sabout the products and services you offer and contact you on social media. We will respond to their comments and private messages to improve customer satisfaction.

Marketing and Advertising

The detailed tasks include Facebook advertising, LinkedIn marketing, and Twitter marketing etc.

Other Social Media Marketing Services

Including social media reputation monitoring and management, analytics and reporting, facebook marketing consulting and social media profile audit.


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